Marabou let’s you own your future

by becoming part of a community of young people who invest in climate innovation.

Marabou is a social platform to fund and grow green projects. It is a crowdfunding mixed with social media. 

INVEST – Participate – create


Let’s create the first social eco-orientated investment community EVER!

Let’s create the first social eco-orientated investment community EVER!

We need  climate innovation. 

Our world needs a whole lot of saving through climate innovation. Like a gigantic CO2 inhalator or a futuristic toilet that creates clean energy.

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Billion Dollar climate innovation is needed per year.

Million Gen Z people have currently no say over the future of their own habitat.

Euros or Dollar investment in climate innovation by millions of Gen Zer could change the world.

Marabou is a community


in rad climate innovation projects. €10 can make a difference. Invest as a donation.


the wins with the community. Trade stories on the feed. 


a new fundable project if you have an idea. The community is there to help.

Get on the Waitlist

and get ready when we are

We ship the Marabou app in early 2024. While we are coding away, we want to find out if there are people out there who want to own, create and celebrate our future with us.

We want you to join our community!

01 Mini-invest

We also want to find out if you’se are willing to invest a little money in that future. We have selected two projects that we want to finance with a  community investment first. For this we ask you to paypal €10 to the Marabou treasure box that will go to the projects. Are you with us?

02 Email on Waitlist

Can’t commit yet? Then just join us with your email and we’ll show you what we do and how the community grows.

DAO: How Projects are Selected for Funding

DAO: How Projects are Selected for Funding

We believe in the wisdom of crowds in predicting the future. In a classic Venture Capital fund, decision-making is fraught with bias leading to bad funding decisions as can be seen in companies like Softbank which gave WeWork over $4b and had to write off most of it....

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What projects to fund

What projects to fund

Marabou connects talents and investors on a platform, hence there are two major use cases with different target groups. There might be issues of efficiency versus the cost with the toilet, but that’s the spirit! The Marabous Climate Innovation Talents While Marabou’s...

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