We conclude that GenZ:  We also see that investment barriers are slowly lowered to accommodate investors with smaller tickets.  Signals:  While most of the signals are based in the US, the report by CFA also states that they found very similar numbers in Canada and the UK. A main difference is found in China where […]

The Story – Three Humans We want to talk about three humans. The first is one of 117 million Fridays for Future strikers. She belongs to a generation that is between their late teens and their early 30s. Her worries that she will inherit an inhospitable planet are so strong that she takes to the […]

Earth needs 5 times more investment into climate change than the status quo to alleviate the worst effects (in USD): :  Neither governments nor venture capital (annually total investment of $250-500b) is not enough. We need more money and it is a good investment as we can see in the following chart. The cost of […]

Gen Z is over the whole “climbing the corporate ladder” thing. It’s more like climbing a rickety stepladder to a leaky roof in a downpour. Forget the office gossip, these young adults are all about spilling the tea on companies that don’t align with their values. Imagine applying for a job and judging anyone who […]

On TikTok, videos tagged with #retrogaming have reached over 6 billion views. Meanwhile, on YouTube, there’s been a 1,000-fold increase in uploads related to retro gaming. On Spotify, there’s a 50% increase in the creation of retro-gaming-themed playlists compared to last year. Gabi, 27, along with a burgeoning group of “cosy gamers,” finds the allure […]