It takes the genius of millions to fix our climate

We Marabous are a handful and we looking for the other 999.985 to make every contribution count.

The Short Story

Why investing in climate innovation

We believe that neither denial nor protests will save our habitat. But innovation can. $500b per year is needed to in climate innovation.

Who inherits a future earth? It’s young people. But they have no say, no gain and no ownership in their own future. We want to change that.

The Reason

Why us and you and marabou

Millenials and Gen Z see greatness where others see obstacles, a trait needed to be climate optimists and act.

Innovation is mostly owned and financed by venture capital firms, they have the money, they take the risk, they gain the profits.

We want to create a community of young people (and their parents 🙂 ) that becomes a crowd of smart investors into climate innovation. The crowd selects worthy projects (with the support of a few scientists), collects the funds, spreads the word and sees projects to reality.

As a community. With a little fun. With as little as 10 Euro.

The Long Story

Greta, Gamestop and Ocean cleanup - marabou inspiration

It all starts with three wonderful and weird inspirations – there is the Generation Greta, taking to the streets to demand climate action. Then there are young stock traders taking on big hedge funds to save a company they like. And finally the ocean cleanup project founded by an 18-year-old. This makes us believe that there are millions of young people out there who might find Marabou a good idea and join the community.

The long Story

Celebrate Friday

We want to talk about three humans. The first is one of 117 million Fridays for Future strikers. She belongs to a generation that is between their late teens and their early 30s. Her worries that she will inherit an inhospitable planet are so strong that she takes to the street to demand from those in power to save our environment.


There is a lot of energy for change but also a lot of frustration since she feels so powerless. It’s “the old white dudes who own and burn the earth”. What if we could transform the positive energy of climate activists into actually owning and acting on the change?

Absolute Game Stoppers

Now we introduce a young man in a similar age group but with completely different interests. He is into stocks and cryptos for no other reasons than it is fun and a thrill ride. When a hedge-fund shorted an ailing software seller named Gamestop – making a gain out of the company’s financial misery – our young man, together with thousands of others, bet against the fund.


They pushed up Gamestop’s share price with millions of small buys, leading to a huge loss for the fund and a new lease on life for the company. This was pure crowdsourced financial action, proving that individuals can change even the stock market. What if we could offer young traders an opportunity to crowdfinance the survival of our habitat – and maybe even make a buck or two on a thrilling ride?

No Plastic Ocean

This brings us to a third person, this time there is a name: Boyan Slat. When Boyan was 18, he founded the Ocean Cleanup project. He started with an idea of an elaborate plastic ring that can rid the ocean of plastic. The idea turned to an invention and then to a product and climate action.


We are certain that there are thousands of Boyan Slats in the world, harbouring ideas, trying to get funded, looking for ways to prove their idea’s feasibility.

What if we could take the burden of funding from innovators (of every age) at an even earlier stage than a classical venture capital fund?

The Convergence

Right now, in 2023, we see the convergence of necessity, opportunity, and innovation. Some scientists see the climate point of no return only 10 years into the future. We must act now, we must act differently than we did up to now and we must act fast. The good news is that there is opportunity.


Young people – those who will inherit the earth from us, are engaged, connected and technically and financially savvy. Finally, we have great innovations in financial technologies that make distributed ownership and trade achievable, understandable and affordable for individuals.


We want to bring the Generation Greta, the angry gamified stock and crypto traders, and the Boyan Slats together to finance, to build and to profit from climate tech and climate action. Marabou will take the professional investor’s Venture out of Venture Capital and make it a Crowd Capital platform. People and projects from all over the world, especially from the global south can apply for funding and present themselves on the platform.


Marabou will connect them to millions of (predominantly but not exclusively) young people who invest with moderate sums and will receive shares in return. The shares can be traded on an open market; thus creating continuous interest in the projects and financial appreciation if the projects take off.


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