Earth needs 5 times more climate investment

…as now to avoid the worst impact of climate change.

Venture capital can not alone fill this gap, especially in times when money is expensive.

However, there is an alternative funding source – private individuals with the most significant stake: young people.

They are spending money for purpose activities. They engage in trading. 

We can connect and leverage purpose with investment.

Investing in their own future

What if we could incentivize GenZ – who inherit the earth – to own their future?

  • By investing in it.
  • By participating.
  • By creating it.

This would be more productive than protests, be better than Crypto or hyping bad meme stocks like GameStop and be much more like Boyan Slats Ocean Cleanup Project.  

Our Mission: to place $850m in investments in 5 years.

Marabou is a savings plan for GenZ that saves their future:

With a monthly subscription of as little as €10, Marabou invests in climate innovation projects for young people. Marabou will be a community hub – a saving plan with a plan to save the earth.

How Marabou works


Our retail investors make a monthly subscription starting at €10.

Climate Innovation

The community votes which presented climate innovation should be funded first.

Community Pot

The money goes into a pot (minus a small fee for the platform).


When the pot has enough money, the first project in the queue is funded.


The investors receive tokenized shares according to what they paid.

Growing Marabou

Every month the collected money grows and more and bigger projects can be funded.

Exit and Profit

When an exit is made, the proceeds go to the investors by buy-backs

Investment thesis: what we want to invest in

We listen to all innovation. However we are particularly interested in early stage climate tech startups or even earlier in individuals. Products, services and innovations that might benefit from a community. Regions with lower investment density such as Asia, Latam and also Europe

Climate Tech (geo-engineering, CO2-capture)
Clean Tech (de-carbonizing, efficiency solutions)
Environmental Tech (ocean cleanup, forestation)
Agro Tech (Yield increase, CO2-positive agriculture)
Renewable Energy
Digitalisation (such as carbon credit platforms)
“Green” consumer products

3 Projects to Start With

We see more and more forest fires.

When they get close to settlements, they can not be extinguished by firemen and water planes. But they could with a big fat drone.

Stefan Morawitz, one of the first commercial drone builders has a concept to extinguish forest fires and bring safety for many communities. He needs the first €80k to prove his concept.

Vinzenz von Fürstenberg creates a climate project that transfers co2-certificates into rewilding of nature.

With this, we can bind co2 and have an actual impact in climate change.


The project is already funded by the EU and we want to put it to the next level with €120k

Transform your home heating radiator in an airfilter against smog and viruses. 

This filter transforms regular heat radiators into an air-purification system. It is able to filter micro dust, even in heavy pollution regions. The filter is so fine that it will reduce aerosol borne virus transmissions.


Marabou will participate in the go-to-market with 100k.

Your planet, your vote!

Your vote helps not only the projects to come closer to funding, but also supports Marabou to build its community.

    About Marabou

    It takes the genius of millions to fix our climate

    We Marabous are a handful and we looking for the other 999.985 to make every contribution count.


    We believe that neither denial nor protests will save our habitat. But innovation can. $500b per year is needed to in climate innovation.
    Who inherits a future earth? It’s young people. But they have no say, no gain and no ownership in their own future. We want to change that.


    Millenials and Gen Z see greatness where others see obstacles, a trait needed to be climate optimists and act.

    Innovation is mostly owned and financed by venture capital firms, they have the money, they take the risk, they gain the profits.
    We want to create a community of young people that becomes a crowd of smart investors into climate innovation.


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