Gen Z is over the whole “climbing the corporate ladder” thing. It’s more like climbing a rickety stepladder to a leaky roof in a downpour. Forget the office gossip, these young adults are all about spilling the tea on companies that don’t align with their values. Imagine applying for a job and judging anyone who […]

On TikTok, videos tagged with #retrogaming have reached over 6 billion views. Meanwhile, on YouTube, there’s been a 1,000-fold increase in uploads related to retro gaming. On Spotify, there’s a 50% increase in the creation of retro-gaming-themed playlists compared to last year. Gabi, 27, along with a burgeoning group of “cosy gamers,” finds the allure […]

The intense competition in college admissions is fostering a culture of personal branding among students, where young individuals are prompted to define themselves and tailor their activities towards their university goals from an early age. Imagine having to craft your “personal brand” at 16? It’s overwhelming enough that today’s youth face economic instability and environmental […]