Gen Zers are in their ‘boycott era’

Gen Z is over the whole “climbing the corporate ladder” thing. It’s more like climbing a rickety stepladder to a leaky roof in a downpour. Forget the office gossip, these young adults are all about spilling the tea on companies that don’t align with their values.

Imagine applying for a job and judging anyone who still buys lattes from a brand that, you know, does stuff. That’s Gen Z for you, detectives on the case of corporate wrongdoings (armed with social media receipts, of course).

But it’s not all just about canceling companies. They’re looking for a place where they can bring their “whole selves” to work. That means ditching the work-life separation and maybe even chatting about politics with Karen from accounting (although that might still be a hard pass).

The bottom line? Gen Z wants a job with a purpose, a paycheck that goes beyond just buying stuff, and a company that’s, well, not evil. They’re basically asking employers to be decent human beings while offering a decent work-life balance (and maybe some on-site kombucha on tap).

So companies, listen up! Ditch the outdated “neutrality” and show Gen Z you actually care about the world (and not just your bottom line). Because these young adults have options, and they’re not afraid to use them. They’d rather be sipping ethically sourced smoothies than climbing that corporate ladder anyway.


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