Our world needs a whole lot of saving through climate innovation. Like a gigantic CO2 inhalator or a futuristic toilet that creates clean energy.

Marabou let's you own your future

Invest in rad climate projects

Embrace victories, fuel innovation, and make every contribution matter. Unite with a network of passionate individuals who share your vision for a greener world.

Celebrate the wins with your community

At Marabou we believe in the power of celebrating investment victories together. Our focus extends beyond just financial gains; it encompasses the positive impact and progress we can achieve as a united community.  Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Create new innovation if you got an idea

Our community thrives on new ideas and innovations. So if you have a brilliant vision that sets your soul on fire, you’ll find unwavering support within our united community. Let’s turn your ideas into realities that leave a lasting impact on our world.

We are a community of young people who want something more real than climate protests, more purpose than meme-stock trading, less big corporations and more thrill than just donating.

We want that every contribution counts – for innovative projects, for us, for the whole world.



Become part of the community and vote what project is worth it



Invest as little as €10 and spread the word



Stay up to date and trade tokens of great projects



Celebrate when projects get real and maybe earn something back

Soon coming to an app-store near you

Get on the Waitlist

We ship the Marabou app in early 2024. While we are coding away, we want to find out if there are people out there who want to own, create and celebrate our future with us.

We want you to join our community!

We also want to find out if you’se are willing to invest a little money in that future. We have selected two projects that we want to finance with a  community investment first. For this we ask you to paypal €10 to the Marabou treasure box that will go to the projects. Are you with us?

Can’t commit yet? Then just join us with your email and we’ll show you what we do and how the community grows.